First Premier Bank Platinumoffer Pre-Approved Confirmation Number & Reviews:

If you have a not-so-good credit score and are looking for an unsecured credit card option, then, First Premier’s Platinumoffer is one of the ones available to you!

This is designed specifically for customers with a fair to average rating. It is one of the few options out there offering users unsecured credit lines with this low score. So, in this regard, it is somewhat unique. Usually, at these rating you can only get secured credit card offers.

  • You Have to get Registered for First Premier Bank Platinumoffer.
  • Then You will receive Confirmation Number on Your Mail.
  • Then the confirmation number will be used to access your credit Card.
  • This Credit card offer is for those people who have an avaerage Credit Score. – Confirmation Number & Features:

There are basically 2 methods to avail Platinumoffer From First Premier Bank. First is to simple apply & Second is with confirmation number. If you recently received a confirmation number from First premier bank in your mail then you can easily apply on their website.

The Detailed procedure is provided below. Now Here are some benefits you need to know.

  • Unsecured Credit lines
  • Low Credit limit
  • Very high interest rate (~36 APR)
  • Costly Monthly and Annual charges
  • Additional fees for increasing credit limit (25% of the total increase) & cash advance ($5 or 6% whichever is greater)
  • Available on a fair-to-average credit score.

Eligibility Criteria for the Platinum Offer

The eligibility criteria for the Platinumoffer Credit Card:

  • You need to be over 18 years of age & be a legal citizen of the U.S as like most of the cards.
  • A fixed source of income is necessary.
  • Your credit score should be at average of above. People with low, bad credit scores can not avail this offer.

Applying for the Platinumoffer Online:

To apply for the First Premier’s Platinumoffer card membership, you can either use the confirmation number provided to you in the pre-screened mail offer or, if you haven’t received any mail and still want to apply, you can also do it directly.

Having a pre-screened mail and a confirmation number increases your chances of getting approved and you may also get priority approval. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get the Platinum card without having a confirmation offer at-hand.

Still if you want to apply for the Premier card having a confirmation status first, there’s an option available for that, too.

Step By Step Applying Procedure: –

The PlatinumOffer’s application procedure is very simple and doesn’t take much time to complete. To apply for the PlatinumOffer, first you need to:

  • Go on the First Premier Bank’s online application site
  • There are two separate section on the site for applying with a confirmation or directly.
  • Pick one according to method you chose and the start the process.

1- Applying Using the (Pre-approved) Confirmation Number:

  • The box for application using the confirmation number is on the right side.
  • Write the number given on top of your confirmation mail & click “Apply now”.
  • A confirmation response will be sent to you pretty quickly telling you whether your application has been accepted or not.

2- Applying Directly Without Confirmation Number:

For applying directly, you need to use the box on the left.

  • Click ‘Apply Now’.
  • You’ll be asked to provide your first & last name, your home address and your social security number.
  • You’ll acceptance/rejection response immediately & then you can go through the rest of the registration procedure.

Platinumoffer Customer Reviews:

Here are some customer Reviews for this First Premier Credit Card. All the credit goes to Consumer Affairs & Wallethub.

1- Mark Says: I have my card for a year now. They gave me a $500 credit line. I pay it in full each month and I avoid paying any interest. It sure worth the annual fee to get your credit back on track. The trick is to pay it off each month, if you can’t do that then you should not have the card.

2- Anthony Said: I have been with this card for 5 months and I have NEVER had a problem or had to contact customer support. This card helped me dramatically with my credit score. I had a debt on my credit report that belonged to a relative with a similar name. I was denied for every single credit card because of that debt. At that time my TransUnion score was 540 and no Equifax score

3- Kathy Says: I have never had a problem with First Premier and I have had it for six years now. Anytime I have called them they have been nice and polite, even when I had to pay late because of a hospital stay, I was not charged a late fee nor have I received a “courtesy call” some are saying they get. Yes, the interest rate is high but that is what happens when you have no credit or bad credit.

4- I love my premier credit card. Yhey are everything they say they are. I have had mine for about 2 or three years now and I got behind on it once because I had a injury and they gave me a chance to catch up without closing my acct. Very impressed.

5- I’ve never had an issue. customer service isn’t terrible. Neither is my interest. Just need to be aware of all terms and conditions. I really do not have any complaints with premier bankcard……….

Credit Limit & Increase of Platinumoffer:

The credit limit of the Platinum card starts from $300. More can be provided depending on your credit score at the time of applying. The processing fee remains the same for each credit limit up until $600 where it decreases from $99 to $75. Here’s the graph made by Nerd Wallet.


A credit increase is offered after around 13 months of use automatically. The increase causes you 25% of the total increase and need to be cancelled within the first month if you’re not willing to give the 25% fee. Any increase in the credit limit would require a Credit limit increase fee from your side, it is not free.

Advance Cash Withdrawal

If you have a new account, you can only withdraw 10% of your credit limit from the card. The limit will increase to 50% after three months use, but, not more. All cash withdrawals cost you $6 or 5% of the total cash withdrawal.

Monthly fee also differs from program to program but range from $6/month up to $10/month. This amount will be deducted from your credit each month. Furthermore, a credit limit $600 or over may need a monthly fee even in the first year.

Monthly & Annual charges

While the monthly charge on the First Premier Card is not applicable for the first year, you get charged the annual fee & it is higher for the first year. The annual fee can range from between $99 to $300 depending your credit limit and any other rewards program you are availing.

Setting your First Premier Credit Card for Someone Up

An additional fee of $29 is charged if you want to set someone else up on your account.

Should You take First PREMIER’s Platinumoffer:

Platinumoffer is not the best one out there in the market. Most reviews against the First Premier Credit cards are positive. First Premier is reputed as being great when it comes to disclosing policies and terms. And overall cost of the credit card is average making the card accessible. All these qualities make the First Premier Credit card offer, recommendable.

The First Premier’s Credit card offer is something you have to take. There are a lot of great benefits to cheer using First Premier’s Platinum credit card. But Having a low credit limit means it is easy to go over the limit with this card.

High interest rates can lead to loads of financial troubles if you end up defaulting. For a user who’s into both these habits, this card is bad & they should not use it.

The Platinum card is suitable for people who are less likely to spend big amounts on a credit card and are credit savvy & alert keeping an eye on their credit score and making their payments on time. If you are that person and do not mind the excessive fees, then, go ahead, it’s a great option for you.

But, for people who can not do all that, they should look for other options.

Alternatives to the First Premier Credit Card:

While, there may not be many unsecured credit cards available in the same category as the First Premier Platinum card, a lot of secured credit card options are available.

A secured credit card, most of the times, works better for credit-building than unsecured one. You may not like to make a large security deposit before you can use the card. But, in the long run it could be really helpful, as, it can provide a cushion for you to fall back on while you are trying to get out of your bad credit habits.

Plus, the amount that you deposit remains safe and gets returned to you at the end unlike the expensive fees you have to for those low score unsecured cards. Some secured Credit card options you can avail if you have a bad credit score:

You can learn more about these cards by following the link opened by clicking them.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)

Here are some most Commonly Asked Questions for First Premier Platinumoffer:

  • Is First Premier a real credit card?

Yes First premier are the real credit cards. And you can apply it by the above method. The Platinumoffer Credit cards available to those with poor credit tend to have higher rates and fees.

  • How much fee platinum credit card deduct?

Around $99 to $300 is the annual fee depending upon your offer or credit card. Sometimes it can go a bit higher then that as well.

  • How can I check the status of my First Premier credit card?

Anyone who already applied then you can check the First Premier Credit Card Application Status call on 800-987-5521.

  • How long does it take to get my first Premier credit card in the mail?

The average time frame of one’s receiving it’s card in the mail is around 10 business days. Once you receive. You can use it instantly.

  • Does First Premier give the option credit increases?

Yes First Premier gives the option of credit increases customer’s credit limit, it charges 25% of the amount by which the limit is increased. Customers can apply for a credit limit increase any time, but can’t receive an increase until they have been a customer for 13 months. Credit Increases ranges between $100 and $200.

  • Can you have 2 First Premier credit cards at time?

Yes you can have to first premier Credit Cards but you have to pay a bit high credit. Then wait over 6 months they can offer you a second one.

First Premier Card Cancellation

In order to cancel your First PREMIER Credit card, you need to dial the customer support service at 1-800-987-5521. It can also be done via the mail. There is no cancellation fee involved in the cancellation process and you can cancel any time you want.

About First PREMIER Bank

Founded in 1986, the First PREMIER Bank is the one of the largest (13th) issuer of the Mastercard credit cards in the United States. The bank specializes in making credit cards for users having a credit score in the lower categories. It offers a wide range of subprime cards for its users to choose from, which include both secured & unsecured ones.

Customer Support: –

You can contact First Premier Bank regarding any queries or problems here:

  • Mailing Address: First PREMIER Bank, P.O. Box 5524, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524.
  • Customer Care Number: 800-987-5521

You can also visit their Customer Care page here:


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